Intense Drawing Background Remover

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This Photoshop action will professionally extract your drawings from any background while keeping all the vital details intact. Removing the background of your real hand drawn sketches can be tricky especially when it involves retaining faded lines and shadows. This item will get it done for you.

Extended Features: 

  • Extension panel 
  • Editable final result 
  • Generates several extracted drawing layers 
  • Multiple results to choose from 
  • Contrast and quality enhancement 
  • Easy colour change and much more!

Author Info: 

  •     Package: Intense Drawing Background Remover 
  •     Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 and above 
  •     Released Date: Nov. 27, 2018 
  •     Author: Charles Brown 
  •     Item(s): ATN file 
  •     Complexity: No skill is required - just 1 CLICK away.


  • - Easy to use 
  • - Smoothly removes the background 
  • - Stands out among other similar tools 
  • - Several techniques were cimbined to make this possible 
  • - Incorporates MRCHARLESBROWN's unique render methods




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