Rapid White Background Remover


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Professionally extracts your image from white background without affecting some vital details. Different images have different edge sharpness. Easily and smoothly extract anything from a white background. Try and see! 

“Simply the best white background remover across the web. Removing white background has never been this easy—very efficient action that actually works.” 

No skill required. This action will do all the hardwork in ONE click.



  • Full customization sub-action set. 
  • High quality final render. 
  • Several extracted image layers to choose from ensuring that the background is properly removed. 
  • Charles Brown’s unique NON-DESTRUCTIVE rendering process from beginning to finish. 
  • Charles Brown’s unique system of adding SUB-ACTIONS that come in handy when adjusting the values and features of this action—that means you won’t have to worry about how to modify the end result to suit your need, thereby saving you tons of time to finalize your project.  
  • Digital lab tested to ensure that action delivers quality end result.  
  • High standard and advance auto-photo-manipulation ensuring that it is fully editable.  
  • Properly named, grouped and arranged to ensure easy adjustment even from the Adobe’s filter source point.  
  • This product was properly studied and created with you in mind.



  • Package: Rapid White Background Remover 
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 and above 
  • Released Date: July 12, 2019 
  • Author: Charles Brown 
  • Item(s): ATN file 
  • Complexity: No skill is required. 


  • - End result is very subtle at the edge 
  • - Place your extracted image on any background 
  • - Easy to use 
  • - Smoothly extracts your image 
  • - Stands out among other similar tools 
  • - Several techniques were combined to make this possible 
  • - Incorporates MRCHARLESBROWN’s unique render methods 

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