• 001 - Is it important to register product?

Yes it is. When you register the product you purchased, your license will be activated and you will be added to the list of buyers who will receive exclusive upgrades, updates, tutorials and any vital news for that product. Without registering your product, you will miss out from all of these. You won't be able to upgrade to any new release. Click to register product. Ask question.


  • 002 - What is resource page? 

Resource page is an exclusive page(s) designed for buyers that registered the product(s) they purchased. It contains additional downloadable assets like exercise files, exclusive tutorials, giveaways, dedicated support system and more. Our goal is to enrich our resource page(s) for the sole purpose of satisfying buyers. Already registered? Click to sign in. Ask question.


  • 003 - Which license is suitable for my project? 

Our licenses are market friendly and flexible. The end product achieved with an item purchased under the Regular License may be distributed for free, whereas under the Extended License you can sell your end product. For more details please see our License FAQ. Ask question.


  • 004 - How to edit After Effects keyframes? 

Editing keyframes with any of our After Effects template example; MotionVerse® is as simple as ever. Select the UI that houses the panel for the function you want to perform ─ the panel will be displayed automatically. Simply double-click that panel and press E and U to display all the keyframes you have added. If you can't see the effects control section, simply go to Window, scroll down and you will see "Effects Controls : The-Name-Of-The-Panel." Ask question.


  • 005 - How to increase MotionVerse® speed? 

MotionVerse® is of the future with 4k resolution. We have worked around the clock to make sure that the speed is fast for a powerful 3D photo animator with VFX capabilities. To further increase the speed, we have few more additional tips you can follow: 

1. Enable GPU 

It is important to make sure that you have enabled GPU in order to further boost the speed of your Adobe After Effects. To do this, simply go to Preferences and click Previews. If you are using CS5.5, you will see Enable GPU checkbox. If you are using any version of CC, you will see GPU Information capsule button. Click it and under Ray-tracing, select GPU. Also check "Enable untested, unsupported GPU for CUDA acceleration of ray-traced 3D renderer." Click OK when you are done. 

2. Disable Unused Features 

This optimization function is included in MotionVerse®. Go to Surroundings (that is 1: EDITOR comp) which is the main projector for the entire scenes. Select Animator UI. Click 'Animation Panel', under Display go to Scene Selection, open Fast Render and hide features you are not using. Ask question.


  • 006 - I lost the file I purchased. How do I re-download it? 

Rickworks Market is designed to make it easier for anyone to purchase without the stress of signing up coupled with email verification. If in any case you happen to lose the file you purchased and want to re-download it again, simply paste the purchase code (i.e. Paypal Transaction ID) on the input box located at the right side of the purchase section of that item. We will forward the download link to your mail and you can download it anytime within 5 days before the link expires. Remember to check your Paypal email address or the email address you used to register the product for the download link. Ask question.