A multi-talented man who has deep passion for art. He is an R&B singer, scriptwriter, poet and renowned designer whose works are being talked about. His life is filled with artistic adventure and he enjoys exploring for new knowledge. He channels his energy towards creating Designers and Photographers' kit, composing and recording new songs as well as performing. We welcome you into his 'World of Art' where everything comes to life.

Here you will find mrcharlesbrown
© graphic design tools which are very useful for your personal, freelance and commercial work with over 30,000 items sold. In addition, you will learn a lot more about his intercontinental music career and evergreen writing skills. Charls Brown's album(s) and singles are available on over 50 major online stores worldwide. See his discography.


"Determined To Give You Nothing But The Best"
Easy Utility Tools
Delivers sophisticated yet easy to use Photoshop actions
Extended Version Availability
Free EXTENDED version download, easy access to add-on update and video guide
Fully Customizable
Provides a fully customizable end result and easily editable comprising elements
Premium Quality
With over 30,000 purchases and counting, you are assured of getting an expensive and quality plugin at a cheap price
Affordable Freelance Services
Quick response time, fast execution at a very affordable price.
Customer Support
Free and reliable custom support with direct communication and community platform

Production Team
A group of talented Musicians, Instrumentalists, Writers and Marketer
Self-driven, artistic, and inspired
Fans Community
Die-hard, super awesome, passionate fans community